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After featuring on Radio 4's Woman's Hour towards the end of last year, City Harvest features in The People's Love Sunday and on LBC in January.
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City Harvest is a UK charity that puts surplus food to good use in a sustainable way, transporting surplus food safely to the hungry. Thousands of Londoners go hungry each day, yet safe, healthy and usable food is being disposed of as waste. City Harvest collects nutritious surplus food from restaurants, grocers, manufacturers, wholesalers, hotels and caterers and delivers it to organisations that provide meals to vulnerable people including homeless shelters, soup kitchens, centres for veterans, and organisations that assist people with alcohol or drug addictions.

City Harvest helps vulnerable people, distributing five tonnes of food weekly. The food it delivers helps organisations serve thousands of healthy meals each week and reduce their annual grocer bills, freeing up funds for use in other vital support services like medical care and counselling. The food it rescues is stopped from going to landfill, where it would release gases toxic to the environment.

The charity makes it easy for food donors to get their nutritious food to desperate people and reduce their waste collection costs. Customers prefer to patronise sustainable restaurants and employees experience a huge morale boost from giving to those in need. The Sustainable Restaurant Association encourages food donations to City Harvest.
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