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Why Stomach Upsets Spring Up Just As We Head Back to Work and School

Packed commuter trains, crowded office meeting rooms, classrooms full of children with no sense of personal space; all this helps to make upset tummies much more common from September onwards.

Any episode lasting more than 48 hours often necessitates a visit to the doctor, where medical names such as rotavirus, norovirus, food poisoning, gastroenteritis are banded about for one-off complaints; moving on to mentions of stress, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal disorder for longer term causes of such bowel misery. But, to you and I, this can be summed up by one simple, yet never-easy-to-spell, word: diarrhoea.

Still, most of us feel uncomfortable about putting ourselves or our children on a course of prescription drugs going by the common assumption that most bowel issues will resolve themselves without medical treatment. And they do. There are, however, drug-free, side-effect-free, alternative treatments that have been found to drastically reduce the symptoms associated with stomach upsets and speed up recovery.

“Dealing with diarrhoea symptoms can be so uncomfortable and unpleasant that you’re tempted to try anything for relief,” says Dr David Williams, a strong believer in medicine being the last resort for common ailments. “The best answer isn’t the quick fix: commonly prescribed antibiotics or drugs that slow the movement of the intestinal tract.”

In fact, one of the effective ways to reduce duration of diarrhoea is through an intestinal adsorbent such as Enterosgel (which you can find in most pharmacies and health stores): an organic mineral remedy that absorbs harmful, toxic substances from the gastrointestinal tract. This drug-free treatment works like a trap for bugs and viruses, targeting not just diarrhoea, but also other gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea, heartburn, bloating and abdominal pain linked to longer-term complaints such as IBS. It helps to treat the causes of diarrhoea safely and efficiently, reducing the amount of sick days taken from work and school.

Of course, there’s a lot of advice you can pass on to your kids (and follow yourself) to help stop the onset of upsets: wash your hands, use clean towels and be careful what you eat are just a few ways to stop spending the first few days back at school or work feeling bugged out.

Nevertheless, at this time of the year, picking up bugs is almost unavoidable – normal day to day interactions means both adults and children can easily catch something. If it doesn’t require medical attention, then the alternative can mean you don’t have to suffer.

Enterosgel retails at £19.50 for a 225g tube and is available from Boots, LloydsPharmacy, Day Lewis Pharmacy, Holland & Barrett, Well pharmacies, John Bell & Croyden and independent chemists, pharmacies and health stores nationwide.


About Enterosgel®
Enterosgel® is an innovative intestinal adsorbent, developed to bind toxins, viruses, allergens, pathogens and other harmful substances (such as heavy metals, salts and radionuclides) in the gastrointestinal tract. Enterosgel® does not remove any beneficial substances. It is completely excreted within 12-24 hours.

The unique porous 3D molecule of Enterosgel® exhibits selective adsorption, which can be explained by the predetermined pore size. Thereby Enterosgel® binds deleterious substances while leaving useful substances unbound. Selective detoxification leads to rapid improvement of general well-being, normalization of digestion and augmentation of resistance to infection, and helps the body work under optimal conditions.

It protects gastric and intestinal mucous membranes from irritating substances, restores the gastrointestinal mucous lining, and promotes healing of ulcers and erosions.

Enterosgel is an oral intestinal adsorbent, composed of organic minerals and water (70% polymethilsiloxane, 30% purified water). It is free from preservatives, sugar, gluten, taste or colour. It has a unique porous structure and works like a clever sponge adsorbing only harmful medium-weight substances in the gut (bacterial endo and exo-toxins, pathogens, allergens, viruses), without removing water or vitamins.

Safety of Enterosgel®
Enterosgel® does not contain substances that can cause allergic or toxic reactions. Enterosgel® is a drug-free treatment, it is not absorbed, not metabolized and it is excreted unchanged (classed as a medical device class IIa).

About Dr. David Williams
Dr. David Williams is a medical researcher, biochemist, and chiropractor, who has developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading authorities on natural healing.


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