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Pathogens, allergens, viruses and bacterial toxins can cause inflammation of the intestinal wall and can affect the gut flora and the digestive health.

Enterosgel® as an oral intestinal adsorbent has a capacity to adsorb harmful medium-weight substances such as pathogens, bacterial toxins or some allergens in the gut. Gut nasties are naturally expelled with the stool, helping towards treatment of diarrhoea, some allergies with gastrointestinal symptoms and IBS-D.

Enterosgel® has an extensive post-marketing research base in other markets over the last 20 years.

It is well-tolerated by children and adults and has no reports of adverse reaction. Enterosgel® can be used in conjunction with medications and long-term without systemic side effects.

100 doses of Enterosgel® per second taken across the world with 8 million packs sold last year in Europe
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Enterosgel, oral suspension
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