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Feral Youth is a deeply moving and colourful page-turner that sensitively takes us into the oft-misunderstood world of urban youth More...
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Polly Courtney is the author of six published novels. Polly started out as an investment banker and wrote her first book, Golden Handcuffs, because she wanted to expose the reality of life in the Square Mile. Having discovered her passion, she went on to write Poles Apart, a light-hearted novel based on her Polish migrant friend’s experiences in England. Subsequent novels have covered sexism, racism, fame culture and the summer riots.

Polly's latest, recently released novel, Feral Youth, is about disenfranchised youth in a summer of discontent. She is a passionate champion of the underdog and this is reflected in her novels as well as her broadcast appearances.
Author, Polly Courtney
Author, Polly Courtney
Feral Youth, the latest novel from Polly Courtney
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