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New indispensible trio launches for the summer: a tri-action sun cream with built-in insect repellent and moisturiser, Hair & Body Wash, and after-sun moisturiser More...
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The incognito insect repellent range provides protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects, anywhere in the world. They are made from 100% natural ingredients and are parabens, SLS & DEET free. The complete range is outlined below.

NEW incognito Suncream Insect Repellent
A revolutionary tri-action sunscreen, moisturiser and insect repellent. Part of the brand new second skin range. With broad spectrum SPF25 protection against both UVA and UVB rays and provides camouflage from biting insects.

NEW incognito Hair & Bodywash
Part of the brand new second skin range, acts as both a nourishing shampoo and refreshing shower gel. The organic Java citronella oil helps to boost your protection against insect bites. For complete protection anywhere in the world, use with incognito spray.

NEW incognito Moisturiser
Part of the new second skin range, incognito’s luxurious moisturiser and aftersun nourishes, protects and soothes the skin, whilst also boosting protection from insect bites, thanks to the organic Java citronella oil inside. For complete protection anywhere in the world, use with incognito spray.

incognito Mosquito Repellent Spray
Contains PMD, NHS and Public health England approved, and has been tested 100% effective against malarial and Zika carrying mosquitoes. Can be used by all the family including young babies.

incognito Roll-on
Contains PMD; the same anti-insect ingredient in incognito’s award winning insect repellent spray. Can be used by all the family including young babies.

incognito Room Refresher
A handy little tub with a fresh pine and citrus aroma to help keep your house free of insects.

incognito Zap-Ease
Zap-Ease bite relief is a simple, effective, harmless way of stopping the itch and urge to scratch that comes from insect bites. A 'must-have' for those prone to forgetting to apply their incognito!

incognito Incense Sticks
Effective, chemical free, non-toxic mosquito shield. It has a completely natural fragrance and emits strong, refreshing notes that help to keep the majority of insects away.

Organic Java Citronella Oil
Java citronella is at least twice as strong as the ordinary common variety of citronella; possibly because insects have been unable to build up any tolerance because of its rarity.

incognito Luxury Loofah Soap
A loofah has microscopic hairs that gently remove detritus from the skin pores when gently exfoliating. This cleans and conditions your body making you significantly less attractive to biting insects in the process.

incognito Natural Crystal Deodorant
New incognito citronella deodorant is 100% natural. This is the first time a crystal stick has been able to contain an essential oil, rare Java citronella, making it an effective body odour mask.

incognito Luxury Soap
Unlike ordinary soaps, this citronella bar does not attract insects, in fact it significantly reduces your attractiveness to insects
incognito insect repellent range
incognito insect repellent range
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