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Howard Carter became one of the UK’s foremost bite prevention experts on mosquitoes and insects, after contracting malaria and dengue in the same year, during the 1990’s. He is also an expert on tick bites.

Howard writes regularly on his own blog, and for the media in publications including The Times, Sunday Times, GQ, Daily Mirror, P3 magazine, Daily Mail Independent Community Pharmacist, Your Healthy Living, and online in the Huffington Post. He has appeared many times on TV including BBC & ITV News.

In education Howard excelled at Biology and Chemistry and in earlier days ran a laboratory dealing with quality assurance and quality control. Howard is a Master NLP practitioner and has a diploma from Birkbeck College, in the Biological Basis of Human Behaviour, and is a recent graduate of the Hoffman Process.

Howard also has Youtube channels, which give up to date advice on insect bite avoidance. He is a representative for the UK government in the fight against Zika, and also lectures doctors and other health workers.
Bite Prevention Expert, Howard Carter
Latest News:
Howard provides insight into a new disease spreading through Western Europe, spread by ticks, and some useful advice on how to prevent getting bitten...
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