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We achieved a record number of features for Entrerosgel in 2017, with over 40 features secured.
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Enterosgel has been available in Europe for more than 20 years, where no systematic side effects have been reported. It is an innovative drug-free intestinal adsorbent that was introduced in the UK for IBS sufferers three years ago, as an alternative to medications.

Enterosgel is an organic mineral gel proven to adsorb bacterial toxins including E-Coli and C Difficile[2]. This breakthrough gut treatment tackles the causes of gastrointestinal disorders. It has been scientifically developed to attach or bind to toxins, allergens, pathogens and viruses in the gut. Gut nasties are gently and effectively expelled from the body, helping towards treatment of diarrhoea, allergies and IBS and protection of the intestinal wall.

This oral suspension is free from gluten, sugar and preservatives. It does not take away beneficial substances and is suitable and safe for long–term use and alongside with other treatments.

We have secured features for Enterogel in national press and magazines including the Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Take a Break, Woman's Weekly, Love It!, Pick Me Up!, Real People, Women's Fitness, as well as major pharmacy trade magazines such as Independent Community Pharmacist, Natural Pharmacy Business, Pharmacy Business and Pharmacy magazine.
Enterosgel intestinal adsorbent gel
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Our latest press releases on Enterosgel can be found in our PR Newsroom.
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