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As Report Shows 50% Struggling to Sleep, Electrotherapy Provides Answer!

A new report from Mintel shows that half of the UK population are struggling to get a good night’s sleep[1]. We sleep on average six hour and 51 minutes a day, with 39% unable to get a recommended seven hours sleep. And staggeringly, 5% of us are having to cope with four or less hours of sleep. Results from a successful NHS study into anxiety, shortly to be announced, will reveal that cranial electrotherapy has the answer to this growing problem[2]. This innovative form of treatment that can be used to self-treat at home, is set to revolutionise our lives and enable many to return to normal, healthy sleep patterns...

Results from a major NHS study into Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) provided by the Alpha-Stim and how it helps those with anxiety disorders, will be announced at the forthcoming annual MindTech Symposium this December[3]. The study, which also revealed how CES helps with sleep, aimed to establish the clinical and cost effectiveness of this new form of treatment for those who have already tried basic psychological therapies unsuccessfully.

A previous survey on 500 Alpha-Stim patients showed that 79% of insomnia sufferers experienced a significant improvement [4], whilst peer-reviewed outcomes on 2,500 Alpha-Stim patients self-reports show 94% of insomnia sufferers showed a significant improvement [5]. After only 5 Alpha-Stim insomnia treatments, US military service members with insomnia reported an increase of 43 minutes of sleep. The number of subjects rating their quality of sleep as poor dropped from 60% at the beginning of the study to 5%.

The Alpha-Stim AID uses Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) to increase sleep time, reduce sleep disturbances, and improve overall sleep quality. Alpha-Stim technology is based on an exclusive patented waveform that’s the most researched and proven of its kind. The waveform passes between two electrodes that are clipped on to the earlobes, sending a signal to the brain that helps to significantly reduce insomnia.

Alpha-Stim insomnia treatment safely modulates the brain’s electrochemical signals, bringing these signals back into balance with electrotherapy, so you can get more restful sleep while reducing symptoms from other related mood conditions such as anxiety and depression. Alpha-Stim technology is often the only thing needed to relieve insomnia. It is very easy to use and it won’t interfere with most other treatments.

The results are proven and often immediate, with no lasting side-effects. Inspired by recent advances in the understanding of biophysics, the Alpha-Stim's therapeutic abilities have been acknowledged by health care professionals and patients worldwide. Results gained from the Alpha-Stim have been repeatedly verified through more clinical studies than with any other device in its class.
C Cartwright comments, "I have had the Alpha Stim machine for many years now, It is the most wonderful gadget. It has made my terrible insomnia a thing of the past. I wish every sufferer knew about it!"

The Alpha-Stim AID retails for £549 or is available on a buy-to-rent scheme from £51 a month. For more information please visit or call 01487 208041.


[1]Mintel's Sleep Aids, UK, November 2017 report,5BM4B,R49UZL,KJP2G,1
[2] Professor Richard Morriss, University of Nottingham, ‘Clinical and cost effectiveness of Alpha-Stim AID Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulations (CES); a naturalistic study in patients with a primary working diagnosis of moderate-to-severe generalised anxiety disorder who did not improve with low intensity psychological therapy intervention’, September 2016.
This new NHS study will involve a sample of 120 people and will last for 24 weeks. The treatment procedure will involve 60-minute self-directed Alpha-Stim AID CES treatment sessions undertaken at the participant’s home, on a daily basis for 6 weeks for all participants. Following 6 weeks of Alpha-Stim AID CES treatment, participants will have the option to receive a further 6 weeks of treatment, which is likely to coincide with start of high intensity psychological therapy intervention.
[3] Press passes are available for Professor Richard Morriss’ presentation, ‘Clinical effects of Alpha-Stim neuromodulation in IAPT patients with generalised anxiety disorder’, which takes place on 7th December 2017 from 12-12.50pm at the Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London NW1 4LE.
[4] Results of using Alpha-Stim® technology as reported by healthcare practitioners. Total N = 500 patients with multiple symptoms (135 with insomnia). For additional information see the book: Kirsch, Daniel L. The Science Behind Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation. Medical Scope Publishing Corporation, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2002.
[5] Results of using Alpha-Stim® technology at least 3 weeks from consecutive warranty cards. Total N = 2,500 patients with multiple symptoms (163 with insomnia). For additional information see: Smith, Ray B. Is microcurrent stimulation effective in pain management? An additional perspective. American Journal of Pain Management, 11(2):62-66, 2001.


Richard Morriss, Professor of Psychiatry at Nottingham University
Professor Richard Morriss is a Consultant in General Adult and Community Psychiatry with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Professor of Psychiatry and Community Mental Health at the University of Nottingham. He trained in psychiatry in Leeds, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore United States, Oxford and Manchester. He has a MD from University of Leeds.
Professor Morriss has clinical interests in mood disorders, somatization and primary care psychiatry. His research interests are in the management of bipolar affective disorder, depression and medically unexplained symptoms in primary and secondary care settings.
He was also a member of the NICE Guideline Development Group (GDG) for Bipolar Disorder and is currently a member of the NICE mental health panel.

Dr. Lesley Parkinson – Consultant, Clinical-Psychologist, Specialist in Neuropsycho-Physiology
Possibly the UK’s most experienced consultant clinical-psychologist in BioFeedback, Neurofeedback, Hemoencephalography and quantitative electro-encephalographic assessment (qEEG) and brain health.


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