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Calmer Flights with the Cisca Saltpipe

Aerophobia, the fear of flying, is a common anxiety disorder, estimated to affect at least 10% of people in the UK. This excessive worry about travelling by aeroplane often leads to the sufferer experiencing anxiety and panic attacks at the thought of flying. Panic attacks can mean breathing becomes shallower and the sensation that we're unable to breath. The Cisca Saltpipe® is a natural dry salt inhaler that provides a simple and natural way to help calm the breathing.

Aerophobia sufferers tend to either fear some sort of loss of control or fear external factors, such as technical fault, bad weather or turbulence. Those fearing loss of control worry they will embarrass themselves by suffering a panic attack, becoming hysterical or losing control of bodily functions.

People can develop high levels of pre-flight anxiety, or have physical symptoms such as hyperventilating, sweating, churning stomach and dizziness. Some imagine disasters happening during the flight, whilst others worry they might lose control and draw attention to themselves or try to open the aeroplane door. Even the reassurance that air travel is one of the safest methods of travel often has no effect.

People suffering from fear of flying often suffer increased anxiety and panic attacks at the thought of flying and many avoid air travel as a result of this.

The Cisca Saltpipe is a simple and natural way to help panic attack sufferers, as it forces the suffer to breath more slowly and for longer and help you breath more easily. This dry salt inhaler can give the benefit of ancient salt cave therapy to maintain an optimum respiratory function and to help you breathe easier and leave you feeling revitalised and more relaxed.

The Cisca Saltpipe® contains Halite salt crystals formed around 20 million years ago in Hungarian and Transylvanian salt caves.

Using Cisca Saltpipe is simple; place the ceramic pipe in your mouth and inhale as normal, exhaling through your nose. When the user inhales, air is drawn over the natural salt crystals and the moisture of the air absorbs microscopic particles of salt. This penetrates the entire respiratory tract, giving a sensation similar to taking a deep breath of fresh sea air or visiting salt caves.

B. Davidson comments, “I bought a Saltpipe from Cisca...I had been using it on and off when I felt I needed to relax or was feeling under the weather.”

The Cisca Saltpipe retails at £26.99, and the Cisca Easy Saltpipe retails at £14.99; they are available from selected Holland & Barrett and independent health stores and pharmacies, on 0191 3734 425 and from


About Cisca Easy Saltpipe®
The Saltpipe's history can be traced back to 1843 when Polish physician Dr. Bochkowsky noticed salt miners didn't suffer from breathing issues or respiratory diseases. In his unique book he stated that respiratory diseases could be cured or treated naturally. This practice called 'Speleotherapy' was used as the primary inspiration for the Cisca Saltpipe.

In 2002, two scientists from Budapest thought of a revolutionary way this treatment could be brought to the general population in a portable and easy to use format. The Saltpipe (Sópipa, in Hungary) was an instant success following medical trials and a Class IIa medical rating that proved its effectiveness as a treatment for breathing issues


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