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New Hydrogel Technology Helps Lessen Pain of Breast-Feeding

Sore nipples when you're breastfeeding can be stressful and upsetting for new mums. Sore or painful nipples are one of the main reasons why women stop breastfeeding, and usually occur between three and seven days into breastfeeding [1]. Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs provide cooling, soothing relief to cracked and sore nipples, and promote healing, allowing you to continue breast-feeding.

Pharmacist Daniel Brash says, “One of the most common questions I get asked at my pharmacy is what product is best and safe for instant relief of pain from cracked and sore nipples whilst breastfeeding. I have been lucky enough to become a daddy for the third time recently and my wife made it a priority that I search out the best product! I came across a product that’s recommended by maternity wards and midwives, called the Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs”

The discs are water based treatments designed to provide a moist environment to accelerate the healing process. The dressings cool and soothe the sore area, whilst restoring moisture to the area. Unlike traditional dressings, hydrogel dressings do not adhere to the skin, reducing the trauma to the skin when it’s removed. When applied to sore nipples, the hydrogel creates a barrier around the area to protect against bacteria and excessive fluid loss.

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs are safe and extremely easy to use, and are unlike anything else on the market. They are not just an absorbent or protective pad like existing products, but also promote healing from underneath the pad. They help give relief from pain whilst simultaneously helping to heal the cracked and sore nipple.

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs are suitable for breast-feeding mothers. They are hygienically sealed and easy to peel and apply. It is safe to continue breast-feeding whilst using the discs.

Safe and non-toxic for your baby, the discs keep the nipple area dry, absorb leakage and restore the skin's natural moisture. This helps heal sore nipples, soothe cracked and sore nipples, and aids the healing of broken skin.

The discs contain no animal extracts or ingredients, only water, glycol and polymer.

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs are the winner of Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Gold Awards 2015, "Most popular product for Mum". M Langmeyer comments, “Just perfect! Each are individually packed, heals the skin very quickly and without having to go out of your way to make use of it. Doesn't move around your bra so you are good to go all day!”

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs retail at £12.98 for a pack of 12, and are available from www.healthcare4all.co.uk


[1] NHS Choices

What causes sore nipples?
The main reason for sore nipples is that your baby isn't positioned and attached effectively at the breast. If your baby is properly attached and positioned to the breast during feeds and your nipples are still sore, ask your midwife, health visitor or a breastfeeding specialist to observe a full breast feed.


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