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Portable Acupuncture for When Hay Fever Strikes

There’s nothing worse than being caught out by your hay fever. Acupuncturist Andrew Broch has been on a mission to develop a handy acupressure band that ensures sufferers are always prepared. His invention, the innovative Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band, can be used even when symptoms have already started and has become so popular that pharmacies in UK and Ireland were selling out daily and in 2017 it was one of Amazon’s best sellers for a 5th year!...

The Original Qu-Chi (pronounced Q-chee) Hay Fever Band was developed by Acupuncturist Andrew Broch to apply pressure to the LI-11 acupoint on the elbow, known in Chinese as Quchi. Acupuncture pressure points have been used for thousands of years and are increasingly used by western doctors and hospitals. Acupuncturists believe stimulation of this point pulls energy away from the head, nose, face and throat. The band was designed to balance and harmonise the body's energy or Chi, and help promote a feeling of well-being.

The Original Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band is a drug-free, natural fabric band which is designed to sit at the elbow and exert pressure on the LI-11 acupuncture point by means of a small button. The band can be used for as long as required, during the day and at night. It should be worn before the symptoms start, but sufferers can also put it on as soon as they feel any symptoms and it will begin working. It doesn’t cause drowsiness and there are no known side effects.

The Band can be worn on either arm. If you need an extra boost, just press on the button to give extra stimulation to the LI-11 point. It can be used by all age groups, including children, so long as it is a snug fit. It’s also perfectly safe to wear the Band whilst taking your usual medication.

The Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band is available in a limited edition range of colours. In 2017 it was one of Amazon best sellers for the 5th year and pharmacies in the UK and Ireland were selling out daily calling it a revolution in hay fever prevention!

The Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band® retails at £12.95 and is available from www.qu-chi.co.uk and Amazon.


About The Original Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band®
Registered with the Medicines & Health Regulatory Agency (MRHA) as a Class 1 medical product (CE marked) Product. It can be hand washed and is available in a choice of colours.

The makers advise not to use the Qu-Chi band during pregnancy.
If you are on any medication, then do not stop it without speaking to your doctor.

About Andrew Broch
Andrew qualified in Acupuncture and Acupressure in 1999 from the Northern college of Acupuncture. He sees patients in London and Leeds, and practices at the Leeds Acupuncture Clinic.

A year after graduating, Andrew found in practice that the stimulation of the Quchi acupuncture point seemed to relieve his symptoms. He made a prototype acupressure band for his patients to try. The feedback was amazing, so he looked into options for protecting and manufacturing his invention. It was only because of Andrew's research and understanding of acupuncture principles that The Qu-Chi Hayfever Band® came about.


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Further information
If you require any further information about the Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band or product images, please contact:
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