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Hay Fever: natural ways to prevent and alleviate symptoms by Julie Silver

Nutritionist Julie Silver talks about factors which can exacerbate the symptoms of hayfever, and offers some natural ways to prevent and alleviate the symptoms

Here are 5 factors that I have found can exacerbate hay fever symptoms:
• Weakened immune system
• Poor diet
• Dehydration
• Overload of chemicals & toxins
• Stress
When the body is overloaded with chemicals and toxins from foods and substances then it will cause more stress, dehydration and weaken the immune system.

The Liver has to cope with filtering chemicals that occur from day to day living. Any excess chemicals will make its job a lot more difficult and is more likely to cause hay fever and allergies. I would recommend using natural products for the body and also for household cleaning etc.

Some of the ways you can help the body recover is to have the most natural foods and drinks and finding healthy alternatives to wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine etc. as these can cause stress in the body. Gluten free whole grains such as brown rice and millet, also quinoa and buckwheat as these are all more hydrating than processed and refined carbohydrates. Vegan proteins such as beans, pulses, tempeh, nuts and seeds would be less acidic and more hydrating than animal proteins. Replace black tea with Rooibos/Redbush tea which is naturally caffeine free and contains antioxidants. Eat local honey and start introducing a teaspoon a month before the hayfever season.

Take natural supplements such as quercetin, vitamin C and bromelain to boost the immune system and prevent allergies.

Instead of chemical based products use 100% natural ones such as a natural pollen barrier balm such as HayMax which is applied to the base of the nostrils to trap pollen and dust to prevent it entering the body.

Julie Silver
Nutritionist and Author of Food Awakening - Nutrition for NOW (now available in paperback from Amazon)


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