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Sun Burn and Bites Banished with Second Skin

Award-winning insect repellent brand incognito is launching a new indispensible trio for the summer: a tri-action sun cream with built-in insect repellent and moisturiser, Hair & Body Wash, and after-sun moisturiser. incognito Second Skin provides the ultimate in premium skin and bite protection without the nasties...

The new incognito Second Skin premium skin protection range of anti-mosquito beauty products consists of new incognito Suncream, after-sun moisturiser and hair and body wash. It is a set of unique complimentary travel toiletries to use in conjunction with the incognito flagship insect repellents.

incognito Second Skin Suncream is a triple action, 3-in-1 suncream, moisturiser and insect repellent, making it very convenient and even saving you luggage space. The cream is quicker to use – no more applying three separate products – and far more effective, as conflicting scents can help attract mosquitoes. However incognito products are designed to do the opposite: they actually work together to help camouflage you.

It has a proven efficacy. The active ingredient (PMD), that repels mosquitoes and other biting and stinging insects, is recommended by Public Health England and the NHS. It has been tested 100% effective against Zika, malaria, dengue and chikungunya carrying mosquitoes and offers an unprecedented level of protection.

The suncream has a proven SPF, providing the highest medium broad spectrum protection you can get, protecting against both UVA and UVB rays. It is the only combined natural insect repellent and suncream and doesn’t interfere with the SPF; nearly all sun cream repellents have been removed from shelves in the USA and UK because of the interference.

It’s moisturising and hydrating to the skin, with a water-resistant formulation, making it perfect for going in and out of swimming pools, swimming in the sea and it has a greater resistance against sweat. The active repellent ingredient, PMD, is the same as that in the incognito award-winning spray and roll-on. Second Skin Suncream has a smooth, luxurious texture and a light, pleasant fragrance – attractive to humans but not to insects!

incognito Second Skin Moisturiser is a luxurious creamy moisturiser and after-sun that shields you from many biting insects by providing a foundation layer of protection. It has a pleasant citrusy aroma. Used in conjunction with incognito spray or roll-on, it gives an unprecedented protection. Used on its own, it gives good protection from many insects. It can also be used as a daily moisturiser when there are no insects around. It contains no parabens, nano beads, SLS’s, toxins or GM ingredients.

incognito Second Skin Hair & Bodywash is a 2-in-1 formula that acts as both a nourishing shampoo and refreshing shower gel. It significantly camouflages kairomones that attract insects to their prey and can be detected by a female mosquito up to one kilometre away! Used in conjunction with incognito spray or roll-on, it gives an unprecedented level of protection. It contains rare organic Java citronella, and organic bergamot and tea tree oil, giving valuable repellent, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Used regularly, it helps keep insects, dandruff, fungal infections and head lice at bay. A small dab works from head to toe.

This premium beauty range has a DEET free formula, is registered with The Vegan Society and comes from an ethical and environmentally conscious company that donates 10% of its profits to charity. Second Skin product packaging is made from innovative and environmentally friendly sugar cane plastic, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the products.

The incognito Second Skin Moisturiser and Hair & Body wash are certified COSMOS Natural – an independently authorized body which certifies that the ingredients used within products are natural and that manufacturing practices are clean and respectful of human health and the environment.

Look out for the incognito Second Skin range, with its distinctive black and white packaging featuring a New Zealand silver fern, in Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Robert Dyas, Harrods, Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Revital, independent pharmacies and health stores, 020 7792 8687 and incognito Second Skin Suncream has an RRP of £25 for a 150ml tube, incognito Second Skin Moisturiser has an RRP of £15 for a 200ml tube and incognito® Second Skin Hair & Body Wash retails at £9 for a 200ml bottle.


Please note incognito is spelt with a lower case ‘i’.

About Cosmos Natural Certification
Companies with Cosmos Natural certification must prove that their packaging is minimized and environmentally friendly, and that the practices of manufacturing are responsible.


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